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About us

Making a difference with creativity, genuine passion for fashion made Hemalatha aka Hema to start this new venture, 9 To 5 Silvers. It was started with the desire to create unique, handcrafted, exclusive designer Silver Jewelry for silver lovers throughout the world and thus add honor and value to their life.

Hema is the fourth generation in this jewelry business. She continues the legacy her great grandfather Mr. Rajagopal had in the jewelry business. She imbibed the art of jewelry making and the nuances of quality business from her grandfather, who had ample years of experience in designing and selling jewelry.  Mr. Rajagopal believed in fair trade by providing the best of quality jewelry to customers and followed it earnestly. In all aspects quality control was their prior focus. This commitment and personalized customer service marked up their honor and trust with customers, thus establishing long time business. Mr. Rajagopal’s dedication and integrity as a good, trusted jeweler has won the faith of generations of families, who buy jewelry only from him for all special occasions.

Hema has genuinely inherited her grandfather’s heritage, which has based the foundation for 9 to 5 Silvers. Its’ first and foremost goal is to team up fashion and individual style and procreate fascinating, trendy, light weight silver jewelry. It takes pride in its skill to decode the different styles and express it as exquisite contemporary, traditional and fusion designer jewelry.  9 to 5 Silvers specializes in the Self-expression form of style, wherein explicit personal, spiritual, aesthetic, political and conceptual ideologies are embellished in awe-inspiring designs.

9 to 5 is a one-stop- shop, which endeavors to device and design classy silver jewelry that is customized to suit the change in trend and style.  It has a wide variety of earrings, rings, pendants, charms, necklaces, bracelets, charms, anklets, sets and accessories, which stand out for its’ fabulous designs, comfy make and finesse finish.  Above all, priority is placed on quality excellence and customer satisfaction. Designs are evolved and crafted as per customer preferences by considering their valuable input and feedback. It aims at making its’ customers look good and feel good. Any suggestions or ideas are dealt with due importance thereby building up optimum customer satisfaction, choice of designs keeping up the trend or maybe even setting trend.

Art is a form of togetherness. 9 to 5 Silvers connects and brings together people of the world through their enamoring silver jewelry. Its’ mission is to celebrate fashion and provide high-quality, contemporary silver jewelry cost-effectively. It adopts and practices the latest technology to conceive and construct an enthralling collection of quality jewelry at exceptional price.

Hema has dipped the brush of art in her soul and is constantly devising artistic, statement jewelry. She expresses varied cultural identities through different jewelry styles. New products befitting women and men and their choices of style statement are introduced by 9 to 5 Silvers. With uniqueness, quality, consistency and authenticity as its motto, 9 to 5 Silvers is moving towards a fabulous transformation in silver jewelry trends and to become the most loved Silver Jewelry brand globally.