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The Joya Earrings

Alluring art of vogue and aesthetic elegance in sterling silver for the mesmeric beauty in you. Power, mysticism and fascination explicitly captured as the entwining filigree motif. This bold cutesy will be a lovely accompaniment with your kurtis, skirts, salwar sets and fancy saris. Amp up your looks with the Joya earrings.
₹ 1,376.00

The Qiana Earrings

Blossoming artisanship and classic charisma for the mesmeric beauty. Intricately carved out floral motif symbolizes magnificence, admiration and royalty. Depicting a fancy unison of trend and tradition, these earrings will be a good go with sarees, kurtis, salwar sets and skirts. Unveil the gorgeous woman in you with the Qiana earrings on.
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The Mahiya Earrings

Stylistic mélange of trendy elegance and classy charm for the flamboyant fantasia. Zest of life, love and passion finely carved out as the intertwining floral motifs. This bold beauty in sterling silver is sure to complement your kurtis, salwar sets, fancy saris and skirts. Stand out in style with this Mahiya earrings on.
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The Nabya Earrings

Vintage inspired floral impressions for the blossoming woman in you. An enticing embodiment of romance, enchantment and beauty exquisitely portrayed as the Nabya earrings. A classic go with your kurtis, skirts and handloom saris. Set a unique style statement with these earrings on.
₹ 2,967.00

The Cyra Earrings

Awe-inspiring allure of trendy art with a traditional spark finely designed for the fascinating grace. Mystery, power and enchantment personified as the enticing filigree in sterling silver inspired from the oldest Indian and Portugal artisanship. Create an authentic style statement by adorning these Cyra earrings with your kurtis, skirts, maxi dresses and casuals.
₹ 2,343.00

The Zelda Earrings

Entrancing fascination of trendy harmony for the adventurous woman in you. An enticing representation of wholeness, perfection and power captured as the intricately carved out concentric circles. Define your personal style and leave an everlasting impression by adorning these Zelda earrings with your kurtis, saris and skirts.
₹ 2,657.00

The Kaya Earrings

The bold and the beautiful enamor explicitly designed for the stylish fashionista. An incarnation of enlivening spirit, serenity and feminine beauty in the form of sterling silver shell motif. Spice up your looks by adorning these Kaya Earrings with your denims, skirts, dresses and saris.
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The Ojas Earrings

An Enchanting ensemble of mystical charm and inner grace. Intricately crafted, bold Om motif in solid sterling silver is a fine exemplification of wholeness and the infinite. These earrings will be an enlivening accompaniment with your casuals and ethnic wear. Entice and entrance with the Ojas Earrings on.
₹ 1,267.00

The Parnal Earrings

Stunning sensation of artistic grace and charm. Finely crafted, intricate twining pattern represents mysticism and harmony. Adorn these enticing earrings along with your sarees, skirts, kurtis and daily wear and give an enamoring finish to your looks. Set off an unique style statement with these Parnal earrings.
₹ 2,253.00

The Bisma Earrings

Marvelous artisanal grace for the fancy fantasia. Artsy-craftsy, impressive design uniquely crafted in sterling silver, these rustic Bisma earrings are an incarnation of power and splendor. Earn those glances by uncovering the inspiring beauty in you beauty along with skirts, kurtis, ethnic and traditional wear.
₹ 2,394.00